Saturday, October 15, 2011

May the luck begin!

What better to inspire the first post on Charming Front than the recently announced decision to de-fund Craft Australia written about by Kevin Murray on Craft Unbound.
Another blow to the craft and design community and another bunch of employees and followers that will be perfect candidates for the Charm-ID Card!

What on earth is the Charm-ID card you ask...well it is the product of Joyaviva: Live Jewellery across the Pacific
curated by Kevin Murray. A project which questions luck in our world today.

The challenge was to design a contemporary charm for a contemporary situation and hence the Charm-ID Card. I haven't got any decent pics yet but below is a sketch to give you an idea of how it looks. It has gold leaf on the front and instructions on the back.
Here is a snippet of what can be found in the Instruction Manual:

What: The Charming-ID card is a contemporary charm for a contemporary issue faced by the contemporary jewellery community and the broader art and craft fields in Victoria, Australia and internationally. 

Why: Currently Government funded education institutions in Victoria renowned for their expertise in educating students in the Arts are under increasing financial pressure. This has resulted in courses being axed, students having less time with lecturers, a reduction in staff hours, increased class numbers, rising fees and assimilations between institutes; all of which has affected the quality of education the students receive and staff morale. 

 How: Activate Charm-ID Card by rubbing gold side on a rough surface; the ground or side of a building of the creative educational institution where you are employed or are/were a student. Rub in a circular motion creating a unique sketch from the location onto your card whilst transferring a touch of gold to the building – hopefully the Midas touch. The act itself is designed to be a swift, subtle intervention to ensure your transfer of gold can go undetected. However there is the opportunity to make the activation as private or public as you like. Performing the activation in a public place has the potential to act as a public demonstration of individual will creating a strong sense of empowerment, hope and luck in this increasingly ‘managed’ world.
To finalise the activation process you are encouraged to sign your card. 

Click on the 'Instruction Manual' tab above for more info....