Sunday, November 27, 2011

Charming Punter #1 Activates

Oh what to call the participants in this project?  It has been a dilemma but I have finally decided on Charming Punter followed by a number.  I know this seems a tad impersonal but it is mainly a tool to help me keep track of all the charms and the stories attached and considering that I have hand delivered and posted a total of 20 so far it will be a challenge.  It is also helpful for those who want to remain anonymous.  For those who are out and proud they will have their name attached.

Charming Punter #1: Activation in action
Charming Punter #1 was featured in my previous post.  She decided to avoid controversy and restrain herself from activating her charm on the CEO's office or in the mens toilets but instead chose the now mail/tea room which in a brighter era was part of the 'Art Dept' and her office! She chose the latch on the window through which she used to view the courtyard (her next office is now a photocopying room the size of a window).  Much reminiscing took place about the good old days 'when teaching was real' and public TAFE education was in it's full of promise.

Mail/tea room
...let's assume it looked more interesing in the good 'ol Art Department days.

 Finally the Charm is fully activated...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Experienced Punter

The young lady pictured above has a weight around her neck!  Not only is she sporting the Charm-ID Card but she also has her staff id card and a magnifying glass which she uses for reading the small print on packaging in the supermarkets!  An astute shopper and a TAFE employee for over 40 years she was  integral to the design and evolution of the Visual Arts Dept.  in a then 'Technical School'.

She has seen Governments come and go but is currently livid about the state of public education in Victoria.  She plans to activate her charm on Thursday and has some radical ideas about where this might take place.  I plan to be there to document.