Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The G&S Spot - Charming Punter #8

Tacky title by me but great pics taken by Charming Punter #8...thank you kindly. In her email she sent me she states it very clearly...

"I chose the directory sign (at RMIT Gold & Silversmithing Dept, Melbourne) because it seems ironic that there is less and less gold or silver being smithed in these studios. I thought that by rubbing some gold onto the sign that at least there will be some precious metal in the building and perhaps some of the talent of past students and staff will rub off on me. My hope is that the changes to the Undergrad Gold and Silversmithing program will serve to continue to attract and develop the talent that it has done in the past. On a more personal note I hope that my studies continue to be fun and keep me stimulated and creating ( touch wood)".

 May luck be with you Charming Punter #8 who happens to be the first student to respond to the call...hopefully others will now follow.  Perhaps whilst they are Christmas shopping in the city!!!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Charming Punter #4 Holmes on in!

Charming Punter #4 (who works as a sessional teacher across two TAFE institutes) has gone right to the detailed, pointy end of the crisis where the possible lack of employment prospects reveal themselves in plain black and white...THE TIMETABLE! 

The above image is of the 2012 ceramics timetable on the Pottery Room door at Holmesglen TAFE. I am impressed they have actually got a timetable for 2012...it demonstrates a sense of optimism in an institute that recently announced a possible 50 EFT (equivalent fulltime) redundancies. I heard on the grapevine that Chisholm handed out 44 redundancies this week...I will await further confirmation of this.

Following the activation of the Charm-id Card on the timetable Charming Punter #4 stated...'feel like the magic may have worked...(although I did lose 2 classes that day to some other sessional....hmmmm...just coincidence I'm sure)'.

Charming Punter # 3 makes it personal

Charming Punter #3 feels her position as a technician in TAFE is not as in need of luck as other areas of her life. Following a personal crisis she has chosen the wall of her home to activate the Charm-id Card in the hope that it's power may be transferable (unlike a public transport ticket)...we will have to wait and see!

I am very open to how punters interpret the project and choose to respond...I am constantly amazed!

Charming Punter #2

Charming Punter #2 also chose an interesting activation location - his computer hard drive. When he is not teaching computer design skills he finds himself in front of the computer attempting to design engaging content for 'The Institute' only to have it wiped with the generic corporate brush.  Consequently the creative arm of the institute is indistinguishible from meat processing and bricklaying.

The gold transferred (albeit somewhat invisibly) and left a smudgy rahter than a scratched effect. Below Charming Punter #2 can be seen spoting it around his neck having performed the final activation step of signing the back. Thanks and good luck!