Tuesday, March 13, 2012

TAFE Charming Punter #11

This is the story from Lorraine White who coordinates the jewellery course at Box Hill TAFE. She is willingly out and proud and expressed no need for anonimity...bless.

"… all hell has broken loose here at Bokkie for all sorts of reasons. My very brief DVD that I put together for you explains some of it. Anyway, the short of it is that we were told that Jewellery might not run in 2012 at a meeting with our CM in early November. Yikes ... Then a few weeks later, we were told all was well with the world!
…we got a reprieve and the course is actually running this year. So I'd like to attribute the turnaround to The Charm ... alas ... it all happened before I got it. Nevertheless, I wear the charm daily in anticipation of even more good news... and it makes me feel happy".

Let's hope the luck extends into 2013 as they may face uncertainty again in the future.

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