Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The G&S Spot - Charming Punter #8

Tacky title by me but great pics taken by Charming Punter #8...thank you kindly. In her email she sent me she states it very clearly...

"I chose the directory sign (at RMIT Gold & Silversmithing Dept, Melbourne) because it seems ironic that there is less and less gold or silver being smithed in these studios. I thought that by rubbing some gold onto the sign that at least there will be some precious metal in the building and perhaps some of the talent of past students and staff will rub off on me. My hope is that the changes to the Undergrad Gold and Silversmithing program will serve to continue to attract and develop the talent that it has done in the past. On a more personal note I hope that my studies continue to be fun and keep me stimulated and creating ( touch wood)".

 May luck be with you Charming Punter #8 who happens to be the first student to respond to the call...hopefully others will now follow.  Perhaps whilst they are Christmas shopping in the city!!!!!

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  1. AH! I was just thinking where I will be activating my charm. My first thought was of this local but I was once taught to go beyond the first idea... Very excited.